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Need cloudera public repo location for the fix provided in cloudera support case 639067/425142

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I would like to know if the fixes provided for case numbers 639067 & 425142 (both cases created for same original issue) is available in any location in the cloudera public repo.
The affected library from the above cases is hive-jdbc-2.1.1-cdh6.1.0.jar.


The public repo location we are trying to access is:

But this one does not contain the fix and it is old jar file.

Could you please let us know if the fix is available in any of your public repository location.




Super Guru

@ramks ,


You can try using the latest Cloudera Hive JDBC driver from here:


Otherwise, you need to upgrade to CDP 7.x or, at least, to CDH 6.3.3 or later.





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New Contributor

Hi @araujo 

Thanks for the response. The driver you are suggesting is cloudera specific Hive JDBC driver. But the fix provided originally via support ticket was on hive-jdbc-2.1.1-cdh6.1.0.jar (which is cloudera packaged apache driver ).

To use the new driver which you suggested it requires a lot of testing effort. If the fix is available on top of hive-jdbc-2.1.1-cdh6.1.0.jar itself we will need less testing effort and can ask customer to start using it immediately.

Please let us know if hive-jdbc-2.1.1-cdh6.1.0.jar can be made available in public repo with the fixes from  639067 & 425142.


Thank you.

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Vidya Sargur,
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