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Nested JSON to insert in Relational Database




I have a nested JSON with one 1 can have multiple records, and the number of records against one id may vary 3, 4 or it may have 10 records against 1 ID. How to upload this data in MySQL db. which processors can be used? To convert this JSON to SQL and then insert into MySQL. Please suggest me a solution possibly with the help of screenshots of which processor to use with which property.



Any help in this issue will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You!

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Yes I need this asap


Yes I need this asap

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Giving detailed responses on such a use case would be very difficult in the community.  This would take considerable effort and time and would require you to provide a lot more detail to include sample source json files, schemas, etc...

Cloudera offers professional services for its customers to help them with their use case solutions.  If you have a support contract with Cloudera, please reach out to your account owner about this service.

At a very high level, I would suggest you take a look at the PutDatabaseRecord processor and perhaps configure it to use one of the json readers:

The processor would also need a DBCPConnectionPool for connecting to your MySQL DB.


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