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NiFi 1.5 System Error: Invalid host header


Hi Guys,

I just upgraded NiFi from v1.4 to v1.5. The cluster is set in secure mode and running in Kubernetes.

But I found below error in Web UI.

System Error The request contained an invalid host header [server:port] in the request [/nifi/]. Check for request manipulation or third-party intercept.

Is it due to property? How do I setup it? the IP of the nifi node?




@Vincent van Oudenhoven

A Jira was raised in Apache Jira ( to add a whitelist capability so that users could create a list of hostnames that would be allowed. This Whitelist feature is already part of the HDF 3.1 release from Hortonworks and will be part of the Apache NiFi 1.6 release at a later time.

I am sorry to report there is no way around this host name check in Apache NIFi 1.5.



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Hello @Matt Clarke,

It is ok.

"This Whitelist feature is already part of the HDF 3.1 release from Hortonworks and will be part of the Apache NiFi 1.6 release at a later time.


I thought that NIFI 1.5 (which is included in HDF 3.1) was not working and that HDF 3.1 provided throught ambari some Work around 🙂

Thanks for your help !

Best Regards



@Abdou B.

HDF is never running exactly the same version of Apache NiFi as you would find in the open community. Each HDF release is based off an Apache release version as the baseline with many bugs and/or enhancements added on top. So you may find apache bugs that are fixed in Apache NiFi 1.6 which are already fixed in the HDF 3.1 release.



If you can build NiFi, it is not so hard to back-port the whitelist feature to 1.5.0. You only need to cherry-pick two commits.

git clone -b rel/nifi-1.5.0
cd nifi

# cherry-pick NIFI-4761
git cherry-pick 8cb09c301d6fef70cc8a02a4a7e80f3062ab58ae
git cherry-pick e3c661daac69cdb2de43c3d66d9ed1ccc9c8dbc6

# If you need the tar ball
mvn -T 2.0C clean install -DskipTests

# If you need the RPM package
mvn -T 2.0C clean install -DskipTests -Prpm

This works fine for us. Thanks.

I'll make sure to try this out, I hadn't thought of doing this.


Is there a way to turn off the Header Request checking entirely? This is causing hoopla with load balancers. SSL will take care of this on its own, yes?


Is there a way to disable the Request Header check? This causes hellavu problems with load balancers.

@Alvin Jin

There is no way to disable the strict hostname checking. The purpose is prevent NiFI from responding to requests that were directed at a different target host.


If the incoming request has hostname in the header, It is expected that the PrivateKeyEntry in the keystore being used by NiFi has that exact same hostname defined either as its CN or as a Subject Alternative Name (SAN).


NiFi does provide a mechanism to get around this hostname checking in Apache NIFi 1.6.0 or (HDF 3.1.x) versions.



This new property would get added to the file.


Thank you,



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Thanks. What I have found is that incoming requests from the LB (aws NLB) were being rejected, even when the LB DNS was part of the SAN in the cert. Setting the = <LB DNS>:9091 stopped this from happening, but now there is an error saying that the hostname should be <X>, where X is the private DNS name of the node. I will try adding the private DNS entries to the SAN to see if this resolves. Thanks.

New Contributor


 Did adding Nifi hostnames to the load balancer certificate's SAN help?

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