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NiFi FetchFile processor - Process specific filenames from ListFile (aka File to fetch Property)


Hi all.

Just playing around with NiFi to evaluate it.

I'm trying to read files from the same directory and route them to the appropriate section using a FetchFile processor.

Everything is fine when I change ${filename} attribute with the exact file name but I can't filter files evaluating their name.

I can't figure out how to fetch only files starting with two characters (eg. 10,11,12,13)

Any attempt bring me to an error or to an output filename named true


My NiFi Flow:


ListFile -> FetchFile -> PutHDFS




Master Guru



Sounds like you should be using a RouteOnAttribute processor between your listFile and FetchFile processor so that only those FlowFIles you want to Fetch the content for are routed to the FetchFile processor.

The listFile processor produces one FlowFile for each file that is returned during the listing execution.  The listFile processor writes a number of FlowFile attributes to the FlowFiles that are produced.

Screen Shot 2019-12-23 at 12.26.43 PM.png
The Filename attribute is what you will want to use when writing your NiFi Expression Language (EL) statement for your dynamically created properties added to the RouteOnAttribute processor.

You can find a EL guide under "Help" under the NiFi global menu in the upper right corner of the NiFi UI.


Hope this helps,


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