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NiFi Load Balance Error

New Contributor

Hi all,

I'm running a NiFi cluster with 2 nodes,

I met this error, it loop infinity. I don't know the reason, my current solution is restarting clusters. Anyone can explain and help me please. 

Error Message:

ERROR [Load-Balance Server Thread-6075] o.a.n.c.q.c.s.ConnectionLoadBalanceServer Failed to communicate with Peer xx
org.apache.nifi.controller.queue.clustered.server.TransactionAbortedException: Attempted to receive FlowFiles from Peer xx for Connection with ID 51a867dc-017b-1000-ffff-fffff61096ec but no Connection exists with that ID
at org.apache.nifi.controller.queue.clustered.server.StandardLoadBalanceProtocol.receiveFlowFiles(
at org.apache.nifi.controller.queue.clustered.server.StandardLoadBalanceProtocol.receiveFlowFiles(
at org.apache.nifi.controller.queue.clustered.server.ConnectionLoadBalanceServer$

Screen Shot 2021-08-17 at 11.56.48.png


New Contributor

Hi @trangnd !


Did you ever find a solution for this please? 


For us, we usually overwrite the flow.xml file or just do a restart, but it would be nice to know why this is happening.