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NiFi : Pipe (Write Failed) error in InvokeHTTP Processor


I am running a NiFi flow where I have InvokeHTTP Processor calling a python script thru flask API. When I am processing many files (in 100's) then some files like (1-2%) fails with Pipe (Write Failed) error in InvokeHTTP Processor. I have observed this happening more when I am running two separate flows accessing same flask API but different python script. What do you think I should change to avoid it. It only happens once in a while for only few files (1-2%) of total flow file.Socket Exception_hidden.PNG 


Super Guru

@vikrant_kumar24    Based on what you describe you are either exceeding the capabilities of the outbound network connection from nifi, or the receiving end API.  I suspect the latter but its hard to tell without seeing the number of nodes and processor scheduling settings. You can try to slow down the execution of invokeHttp to confirm.  If it is set to 0 sec it can create a lot of connections to the endpoint.  Try 5,10,15 seconds and re-evaluate.    Also If you have more than 1 one nifi node, it can create a great deal of concurrent connections.   



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