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NiFi : winlogbeat to Nifi listenbeats processor


Hi All,

I installed winlogbeat on windows, and wanted to ship logs using ListenBeats in nifi. However when I check output of winlogbeat there is nothing to stream to tcp or udp.Only options are

Elasticsearch ,Logstash, Kafka, Redis, File, Console, Cloud.

Any way to stream to tcp port so that listenbeats can listen on the port.

Thanks in advance



New Contributor


From the ListenBeats processor description:

Listens for messages sent by libbeat compatible clients (e.g. filebeats, metricbeats, etc) using Libbeat's 'output.logstash', writing its JSON formatted payload to the content of a FlowFile.This processor replaces the now deprecated ListenLumberjack

In other words, configure winlogbeats to ship to logstash and point it to the nifi processor and you should be good.

Best regards