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[Nifi 1.13.2] Putdatabase Record Error


Hi all,

I upgrade my nifi from 1.10 to 1.13.2 and i faced an error as the image below:


I tried find and fix with a lot solution, but i cant put the json into my mysql database.

Any one can help me? 






Dear all,


Are there the big change in the processor Putdatabaserecord? 

All my flow with this processor is error: Error index, error with the input string (although they are all string) ? 

Or i miss some configuration in this version? 

Or i cant use this processor with mysql?






Did you find a fix? Just upgraded from 1.12.2 to 1.13.2 and got a lot of these errors.


PutDatabaseRecord[id=af45e8dc-985b-3f7a-5959-539aa4e7fe9d] Failed to put Records to database for StandardFlowFileRecord[uuid=a398eafb-1fba-441c-81bc-c50509b74ed4,claim=StandardContentClaim [resourceClaim=StandardResourceClaim[id=1626097496241-29, container=default, section=29], offset=171430, length=172],offset=0,name=a398eafb-1fba-441c-81bc-c50509b74ed4,size=172]. Routing to failure.: Operand type clash: int is incompatible with datetime2
PutDatabaseRecord[id=08642c9d-0ce6-3277-79ec-fd5dc8990ba9] Failed to put Records to database for StandardFlowFileRecord[uuid=47f06505-9a47-40c2-b708-21c76466a555,claim=StandardContentClaim [resourceClaim=StandardResourceClaim[id=1626097496241-29, container=default, section=29], offset=174092, length=433],offset=0,name=50e9f73b-c3ee-4d22-8bde-4c2ec306400a,size=433]. Routing to failure.: For input string: "nifi2"
PutDatabaseRecord[id=3287e964-c2fb-3cff-345a-d0c11af60271] Failed to put Records to database for StandardFlowFileRecord[uuid=5d060b61-93ef-497b-983c-ef51596202cd,claim=StandardContentClaim [resourceClaim=StandardResourceClaim[id=1626097434922-28, container=default, section=28], offset=683211, length=377],offset=0,name=177de348-4f8c-4ce1-b450-c0eb45b51c9e,size=377]. Routing to failure.: The conversion from String to DECIMAL is unsupported.
An exact copy of this flow on 1.12.2 works perfectly well.



The only fix I've found so far is to update the Record Reader of this processor:

* Make sure it is not inferred

* Write the schema with the order of the record fields matching the order of the table fields.


I'm not sure if there was a reason this was changed or of this is a bug?

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