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Nifi RouteOnAttribute with variable attributes

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I have a nifi processor which is receiving data through Syslog RFC5424. When i receive data, i use ParseSyslog5424 processor in order to get all attributes. Some attributes are variables. (in bold)


I can get : syslog.structuredData.15C81B70@14506.os or syslog.structuredData.hzhzd@14507.os ….


Then, i have configured RouteOnAttribute. For the moment i hard code this :

Value : ${syslog.structuredData.15C81B70@14506.os:equals("linux69")}

Value : ${syslog.structuredData.hzhzd@14507.os:equals("windows")}


I would like to know if there is a way to put an expression like :

Value : ${syslog.structuredData.*.os:equals("linux69")}


I don't find an easy solution to do this.




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find myself a solution ${anyMatchingAttribute("syslog.structuredData.*.type"):contains('esx')} !


Hi Markushg,


When you want to apply condition on any number of attributes based on a pattern match. Then you may consider using anyMatchingAttribute NiFi Function.


Here is the link to the documentation:


In your case, You may have to do something like as below: