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Nifi cannot establish connection with IBM MQ

New Contributor

Hey all,
im trying to establish connection with my nifi server (windows) with a remote IBM MQ server
i have all the details, such as the destination name, which is my Q name, and the jndi file is located local on the same nifi server.
my Destination type is set to QUEUE
and the rest of settings are default ( no value set)

i use consumeJMS processor and a normal PutFile which writing the files from the Q to a local folder on the server.

when i run the consumeJMS  processor i get the following error:
nifi failed to initialize jms connection factory: java.lang.illegalStateException:java.lang.illegalstateException:failed to load and/or instantiate class 'Flume.S1'

Flume.S1 is is the JMS Connection Factory Implementation class