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Nifi not starting a group of processors on restart

Hello. My company is using Nifi in a temporary solution to move some files around on a Windows Server. We have some other issues with the server that causes it to reboot often and we're finding that sometimes Nifi does not restart the processors on the box. Where should I look to find a cause for this and is there a way I can force start the processors automatically if they're stopped. We're trying to resolve the reboot issue but we're looking for Nifi to be as resilient as possible during this time.


@Anthony Murphy

Is this a NiFi cluster or standalone NIFi instance?

Make sure that the following property is set to "true" in the file on every instance of NiFi:


If this property is set to false it will trigger all components to come up stopped when Nifi is restarted.



Thanks for your reply Matt, it's a single instance nifi running on Windows. I'm heading into site in a few minutes to check that property.

Just checked an that property is already set to true. Is there anything else I should be looking for?


@Anthony Murphy

NiFi is designed to be resilient. It is designed to restore processor to last known state on startup (That state may be enabled, disabled, started, or stopped.)

Are you sure these component processors where not stopped before the abrupt shutdown/restart of the server occurred? This is odd since you say it only happens occasionally. And I will be honest, this is the first time i have heard this issue.

Is it always the same processors that fail to start?

Are the processors that fail to start configured to use any NiFi Controller services?

if so, are those Controller Services failing to start also?

Check the nifi-app.log during startup to see if their were any logged ERROR or WARN messages related to these processor or controller services on startup.



Thanks for your help Matt. Due to restricted access to the site we ended up solving with a python script that monitors the Processor state via the Nifi API. Apologies I couldn't see this through to the end.

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