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Not able to start HDFS NFS Gateway after 7.1.8 upgrade


Hello Team,


We recently upgraded from CDP 7.1.6 to CR 7.1.8. After the upgrade, we are having issues with starting the HDFS NFS Gateway role.


Earlier, on CDP 7.1.6, we would run the command hdfs --daemon start portmap and then start the HDFS NFS Gateway role from the Cloudera Manager, however after the upgrade this is not working (that is the HDFS NFS Gateway role doesn't start after running the above command and starting the role from the Cloudera Manager). We are getting the following issue


Due to some security issues, we are not able to start rpcbind service. Is there a workaround to start the NFS Gateway? Note, the mount service does not start when even though the portmap service looks to have a running process.


Best Regards

Sayed Anisul Hoque