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Not able to transfer the file to the S3 using PUTS3 object

New Contributor

NIFI Configuration.JPGPUTS3-1.JPGThe files are getting created into the S3 bucket but the data is not moving . The files are getting transfer from GetSFTP object . 


Please help me to transfer the file and data from SFTP to S3. 


Super Guru

@Namitjain   This should absolutely work.  I would suggest you update the post with information about the exact issue you are having. Be sure to include your configuration of the putS3 Processor.   I also recommend not routing failure back on the processor itself in testing.  Route to another proc, or an output port during testing.   When a flowfile goes to failure,  inspect it.  Look at the attributes on the flowfile, it often has info on why it failed.


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