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ODBC Driver for Impala with keytab auth Destroys Kerberos ticket cache

New Contributor

We use the Cloudera ODBC Driver for Impala and Cloudera ODBC Driver for Hive inside a service. The service uses a DSN-less connection strings with UseKeytab to authenticate. We do not perform any ticket management, we leave this down to the ODBC driver.


We have observed that connections to hive do not renew the TGT, and will reuse an existing service ticket (expected behaviour).


However, Impala connections renew the TGT on every connection (thus destroying all service tickets..) Impala Service tickets never get reused and the ticket cache is always destroyed. This has to be a bug.


To reproduce..

  • Open ODBC Administrator and create a DSN connection to an Impala Server with kerberos keytab authentication.
  • Test the connection
  • run klist to show tickets
  • Test the connection again
  • run klist to show the tickets have been renewed


Could you provide more details about your OS and Impala ODBC Driver version? I tested Impala ODBC Driver 2.6.13 on Linux. The driver doesn't renew the ticket for each DSN-less connection on my host.

Community Manager

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Vidya Sargur,
Community Manager

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