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ODBC driver error 10210 attribute identifier invalid : list of errors codes

New Contributor



Is it possible to have the attribute name for all the identifier codes ?

I have several errors in log file such : 
CInterface::SQLSetConnectAttr: [Cloudera][ODBC] (10210) Attribute identifier invalid or not supported: 1041

SQLSetConnectAttr: [Cloudera][ODBC] (10210) Attribute identifier invalid or not supported: 1042

So, I would like to have a list of attributes for 1041, 1042 and so on, values



Hi @NIPB ,


Are you using Impala? What product you use to connect to Impala via ODBC? You may want to check below few information to find out what caused the issue:

1. The connection string for the ODBC driver
2. The query for this error log
3. The profile of this query
4. The full ODBC driver log 




Li Wang, Technical Solution Manager

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