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OOZIE error

OOZIE error

New Contributor

While I am running an oozie command :

oozie job -oozie -config -run

getting an error as

Error: E0803 : E0803: IO error, E0603: SQL error in operation, <openjpa-2.2.2-r422266:1468616 fatal store error> org.apache.openjpa.persistence.RollbackException: The transaction has been rolled back. See the nested exceptions for details on the errors that occurred. FailedObject: org.apache.oozie.WorkflowJobBean@6336a3e5

Please find my workflow.xml

<workflow-app name="WorkFlowForShellActionWithCaptureOutput" xmlns="uri:oozie:workflow:0.4">

<start to="shellAction"/>

<action name="shellAction">

<shell xmlns="uri:oozie:shell-action:0.4">





<name></name> <value>${QueuName}</value>

</property> </configuration>



<capture-output/> </shell> <ok to="end"/> <error to="killAction"/> </action> <kill name="killAction"> <message>"Killed job due to error"</message> </kill> <end name="end"/> </workflow-app> as



QueuName=default oozie.libpath=/L301/



recordShScriptPath=/L301/ r


Re: OOZIE error

Change the namenode port in your, it should be:


You may have other errors too. By the way, there are many simple but good examples of Oozie actions in /usr/hdp/current/oozie-client/doc/examples on every Oozie client node. Copy that to your home directory and customize/test actions for your applications. Then copy "examples" to hdfs and test your actions. No need to write actions all by yourself.