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Outdated HAWQ tutorial?

New Contributor

I downloaded the HAWQ-HDP sandbox and verified that Ambari & HAWQ are running. However, I cannot locate the commands mentioned in this tutorial--gpstart, gpstop, etc. Is this just outdated tutorial, or am I missing something obvious? Is there a better resource I should use to evaluate HAWQ?

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New Contributor

Thank you, @SBandaru. Yes, I have been looking over on Pivotal. I am assuming that these are all the updated counterparts to the gp* commands:

@Eric Lemmon

What tutorial link are you using? If you are using this:

... then note that the above mentioned tutorial was designed for HAWQ 1.3, and is not a good one to use with 2.0 since a lot has changed. While a new tutorial is being crafted, you can try a few things previously posted by @Ali Bajwa and @Zack Odom:

Finally, yes, the link above you mentioned a good place to start for using basic HAWQ commands, many of the commands are available via Ambari as well.