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Phoenix Query Server Connection with multiple servers and load balancing

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jdbc:phoenix:thin:url=http://<PQS Server ip>:8765;serialization=PROTOBUF


Im connecting to my Phoenix query server using above JDBC thin url
While this works for lower level envs, when moving up i have 3 or more PQS installed in Hbase region servers
How can i connect to all of them using the url. The thin URL only allows one ip and how can i use the other servers
Im planning to use zookeeper based load balancer in PQS and i have enable the config properties in hbase-site.xml
But without connecting to all 3 of my PQS nodes how can i load balance

your expert help will be appreciated

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reason for my above question on having multiple PQS in the url is how i can do HA
since i have 3 PQS installed and connecting to just one server will not give me HA

Appreciate if anyone can help me on this


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Hello @rameshlk 


Maybe this Post by Josh Elser would help, wherein he discussed using PQS behind Load Balancer to achieve High Availability:


- Smarak