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Please share the steps to configure Nifi 0.x baseline

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Hi community,


I am a newbie to Nifi and unfortunately, We don't have a system admin with the knowledge of Nifi installation for production and I  have to build a 3 node secured cluster without Zookeeper. I understood that with the NiFi 0.x baseline, the cluster has a cluster manager which serves a similar role and did not use a zookeeper at all. But I am not sure how to use NiFi 0.x baseline, If someone can help me with steps/guidance to configure using NiFi 0.x baseline to set up a three-node cluster that will be great.





Master Guru

@Shanoj You really do not want to be using the Apache NiFi 0.x line anymore.  That release version is more than 6 years old.  Many many security bug fixes and improvements have been made since that time.  Not to mention that the Cluster Manager was a single point of failure.  If it goes down you lose all access to your NiFi.  The Apache NiFi 1.x line introduced 0 master clustering allowing users to access NiFi from any node in the cluster.

While I strongly encourage the use of an external zookeeper with Apache NiFi 1.x line, NiFi does offer and embedded zookeeper option.

I encourage you to read through the following walkthrough documentation:

It includes sections on installing NiFi, Securing it, and deploying a cluster which even covers using the embedded zookeeper.

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Thank you,


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