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Prevent users outside of LDAP filter from logging into Cloudera Manager


Hello Team,


I have a requirement to apply specific filters for user login on Cloudera Manager. I came across a configuration setting that allows for including an external authentication script. But I am not clear on how the script should look like. Does anybody have an idea?





Cloudera Employee

Hey follow the below doc:


Administration > Settings > Authentication Backend Order > select the appropriate one

eg: External Only (with emergency Administrator access)

Community Manager

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Vidya Sargur,
Community Manager

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Hello @nthomas 


Sorry for the delayed reply. I set the LDAP user search filter and LDAP user search base to the Cloudera Manager > Settings. By setting these values I could block the users from showing the cluster information and the settings but I couldn’t completely block the users from logging in. The main intention was to block the users from logging in. Do you know how can I block the users completely?



Cloudera Employee

This needs to be done from LDAP/AD side. Create a group in LDAP for the users you want to give access to the CM and sync only that group in CM using the group filter.

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