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PutDatabaseRecord Failed to put Records to database - Routing to failure.: null

New Contributor

Hi all, 

so I'm trying to create a DWH with NiFi and I'm taking my data from a SQL server and transferring it to Postgres. So the following: I created the tables I need and started to put the data from the source system to the target and out of 15 tables that had the same configuration only one of them failed on the PutDatabaseRecord with the following error: routing to failure: null. I checked the column names and the select statement, but there is nothing wrong. 



Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

Best regards,


New Contributor

I recall checking NiFi issue board and there are a number of issues with NiFi 1.13.0 with PutDatabaseRecord that forced them to rollback the changes in 1.13.1. I recommend upgrading your NiFi to the latest version or rollback to an older version.
To determine the real issue, you can check the NiFi logs at NIFI_HOME/logs/nifi-app.log and it can tell you which field is causing the error.
Since the error is specifying null it might be trying to insert the value null but your table might have a not null clause.