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No applicable policies for Initial Admin when removing authorizations.xml

New Contributor

I successfully started an instance of NiFi 1.12.1 with LDAP authentication. I created some flows and scripts to use NiFi. To imitate deploying NiFi to a higher enviornment, I decided to backup my conf folder and replace it with a fresh unedited conf folder but replace, authorizers.xml and login-identity-providers.xml with my old ones.
When logging into NiFi I encountered the error: 
"No applicable policies found. Contact the system administrator."

The authorizations.xml file is empty/had no permissions created for the initial admin identity.
If I rollback to my original conf folder, NiFi allows me to login successfully. 

Some posts I had found online had lead me to believe that I can remove authorizations.xml to force NiFi to reinitialize the authorizations.xml file but it looks like its not the case.

I also tried to create an second copy of NiFi to test this behaviour on another server and I saw the same results. It looks like I will not be able to create NiFi on higher environments because the authorizations.xml is not getting initialized correctly.

Any advice on how to proceed?


New Contributor

Looks like this was an issue with NiFi 1.12.1. I cannot reproduce with NiFi 1.14.1.

Will test with NiFi 1.13.2 when I have time.