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Query seems executing despite it is finished




I am running a query and despite the fact that it reached the limit in (8 mins) and it seems FINISHED inside the query details in CM, it stops at (19 mins). Whys it this happening? I saw the below information in query details:


First row fetched: 7.9m (75ms)
Last row fetched: 8.0m (7.21s)
Released admission control resources: 19.5m (11.6m)
Unregister query: 19.5m (103ms)


Expert Contributor

Hi @drgenious ,


1. can you attach the full query profile of it to take a look?

2. You mean query is finished in 8 minutes but why Unregister query has took 19 min am i correct ? if not please elaborate the issue.

3. How you are running the queries from impala-shell or Hue?

4. what is the session timeouts you have in the cluster for impala queries?



Chethan YM


Hi @ChethanYM,


1)Unfortunately I  haven't keep the full log from the query.

2)Exactly, this is my issue.

3)From impala shell.

3)If QUERY_TIMEOUT_S it is then it has the default value.


Regards ,



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