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Query to find the count of columns for all tables in impala


I am trying to fetch a count of total columns for a list of individual tables/views from Impala from the same schema.

however i wanted to scan through all the tables from that schema to capture the counts of columns of all the tables in a single query ?

i have already performed a similar exercise from Oracle Exa data ,however since i a new to Impala is there a way to capture all the tables in a single query ?



Exadata query for reference


# Oracle Exadata query i used


select owner, table_name as view_name, count(*) as counts
from dba_tab_cols /*DBA_TABLES_COLUMNS*/
where (owner, table_name) in
select owner, view_name
from dba_views /*DBA_VIEWS*/
where 1=1
group by owner ,table_name
order by counts desc;

impala /hive

DESCRIBE schemaName.tableName;

# Impala /Hive


how to find out ? if i need to run a single query check i was following the below 


for multiple tables/view how to find out the total column counts ?