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Re: How do I find actual IP address of my hostname?

New Contributor

[Moderator's note: The following question was originally posted to this thread which was marked 'solved' ‎08-21-2013.]


Can you please elaborate on "Hostname shoud be tied to an actual IP address"?
And this

"Use "ifconfig -a" to see a listing of your network interfaces and choose one that has an actual IP address. "


How do I find actual IP address of my hostname?



@Shriniwas It isn't clear what the context of your question is, as you posted it to a very old thread that had many intervening replies. Are you attempting to install Cloudrea Manager or are you just asking how to use the ifconfig command?



Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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@Shriniwas - You can use the "hostname -i" to check the IP address of the hostname.

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@ask_bill_brooks  Yes!. I am trying to install Cloudera manager on my CentOS 7 machine. But I am facing some problems while installing. As I installed cloudera manager on my machine and got stuck at cluster installation step. 

After many attempts on cluster installation step, some how I managed downloading CDH repository on localhost but now while distributing the packages I am getting "Host is in bad health" error. 
I am not sure if I am going right way or not, but I think there is something wrong with my localhost iptables or may be firewall issue. 

"My ultimate aim is to install Cloudera manager the latest version on my CentOS 7 machine as a single node cluster, so I can use Hadoop, hive and Impala and other software's for learning purpose."   

Master Collaborator

Hi @Shriniwas 


Please refer our installation guide [1] and review the steps performed so far.

I would suggest to review the steps under document [2] to ensure the environment is correctly setup before installation.