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Recover deleted folders from Cloudera cluster local

New Contributor

Hi All,


I am using cloudera hadoop cluster and accidentally deleted few important folders/files from one of the location in cloudera local location. 


By any chance can I retrieve them ?


I tried "recover" command but it is not available


Please note this is regarding recovery of deleted files from Cloudera cluster local unix / linux location. Not from HDFS location




New Contributor


In such su=ituation, of you want to recover your files, you may need to apply asome recovery software. You can try the Bitwar Data Recoovery, this software is free and safe, I have used it to recover my deleted folders.

Hope it can help you.

Super Guru

My best advice is to copy from another known location.  Either another node which was not effected by the delete, or a new node installed exactly same as node which had items deleted (incase these files might be specific to a node hostname or configuration).   If the files are just common libraries, you should be able to copy from any known location just make sure you get the correct user/permissions after replacing the missing files.


With great power comes great responsibility.  Do not accidentally delete anything which is not backed up.