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Run SparkR | or R package on my Cloudera 5.9 Spark

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I have 3 node cluster having Cloudera 5.9 running on CentOS 6.7. I need to connect my R packages (running on my Laptop) to the Spark runing in cluster mode on Hadoop.


However If I try to connect the local R through Sparklyr Connect to Hadoop Spark it is giving Error. As it is searching the Spark home on the laptop itself.


I googled and found we can install SparkR and use R with Spark. However I have few questions regarding the same.


  1. I have downloaded the tar file from But my question is I directly copy it to my Linux server and install?
  2. Do I have to Stop/delete my existing Spark which is NOT Stand Alone and using Yarn i.e. it is running in Cluster mode? or SparkR can just run on top of it, If I install it on the server?
  3. Or do I have to run Spark on Stand Alone mode (get Spark gateways running and Start master/slave using script) and install the package from linux command line on top of it?
  4. If it get installed will I be able to access it through CM UI?

Please help, I am new in this and really need guidance.





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This problem has been solved!

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Hi AutoIN, 


This link is opening fine
but Step f under installation : link is not working as expected

Can you please provide the location we are using CDH 6.3.3 ans spark version is 2.4.0


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Hello @PR_224 


Please replace steps f to j with what @singh101 suggested in one of the above comments: . The idea is - we make use of the binaries from the CDH parcel, instead of downloading it from upstream.


On a side note: CDP Base provides sparkR out of the box (in case if you plan to upgrade in near future)


Good luck!

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Thank you AutoIN it worked before only.  Took more time to respond. 

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No worries @PR_224 
Glad it's fixed : )