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Run truncate in bigquery


I have a process that uses the PutBigQueryBatch processor, in which I would like it to truncate the table before inserting the data. I defined an AVRO schema, and previously created the table in BigQuery specifying how I wanted the fields. I am aware that if I change the "Write Disposition" property to the value "WRITE_TRUNCATE", it will truncate the table. However, when I use this option, the schema of the table in BigQuery ends up being deleted, which I would not like to happen, and a new schema is created to record the data. I understand that the "Create Disposition" property exists, and that if the "CREATE_NEVER" option is selected, the schema should be respected and not deleted.
When I run this processor with the "Write Disposition" property set to "WRITE_APPEND", the schema I created in BigQuery is respected, but with the "WRITE_TRUNCATE" not.
Is there any way to use the "WRITE_TRUNCATE" option and the table schema not be deleted?
Am I doing something wrong?
Below I forward the configuration that I am using in the PutBigQueryBatch processor: