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Running hadoop in background


Hello guys

I am running hadoop cluster using HDP , when i run hadoop there are two CLI of the datanode and the namenode , please is there is any possibilty to run them in background ?

Thank you a lot !


Super Mentor

@Maher Hattabi

I am not very clear about waht do you mean by two CLI here. Can you please let us know how are you starting those components?

Are you starting those components using the following commands?

nohup start namenode &
nohup start datanode &

- You can run then in background or use Ambari to manage the start & stop.

Are you following the below mentioned doc:

Super Mentor

@Maher Hattabi

In Windiws there is "START" command that can be used to work similar to "&" in unix. Did you try that?

Try to use the "/B" switch, like this:

C:\> start /B start-dfs.cmd


Or else you may try to run refer to the approach mentioned in the following link:


Hi ,same problem here i want to make these inerface hidden and running in background thanks


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