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SOLR server connection refused

Master Collaborator

my SOLR server is up and running but when ranger tries to connect to it I get error :

iam not sure if the ranger audit url I am using is correct since its unreachable "http://hadoop1:8983/solr/ranger_audits" ?

if I try to go to this url I get the error

Problem accessing /solr/ranger_audits. Reason:
    Not Found
2016-12-01 22:25:03,511 [http-bio-6080-exec-5] ERROR org.apache.ranger.solr.SolrUtil ( - Error from Solr server.
org.apache.solr.client.solrj.impl.HttpSolrClient$RemoteSolrException: Error from server at http://hadoop1:8983/solr/ranger_audits: Expected mime type application/octet-stream but got text/html. <html>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8"/>
<title>Error 404 Not Found</title>
<body><h2>HTTP ERROR 404</h2>
<p>Problem accessing /solr/ranger_audits/select. Reason:
<pre>    Not Found</pre></p>

the SOLR console is reachable



Super Collaborator

@Sami Ahmad Which version of Ambari are you on? Ambari Infra is only in Ambari 2.4.0 and later.

Master Collaborator

I just checked and Ambari Infra is already installed in my HDP2.5 cluster .


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Are you also using Ambari 2.4.x? I believe Ambari Infra is shipped wit Ambari 2.4.x, not HDP 2.5. It's sort of like Ambari Metrics is part of Ambari but not directly part of HDP, even though it works with HDP. Assuming you have Ambari 2.4.x, do you don't see "Ambari Infra" when you select Add Service (it does not have the name Solr in it in Ambari)?

Super Collaborator

Glad you have it worked out. Somehow I missed your last post stating that it is already installed, so my previous comment is OBE.