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SRM: Changing cluster alias name?


Hi, we have recently configured SRM for one way topic replication from primary -> secondary.  We have added a few test topics for test and everything looks healthy.   Do you happen to know if it's possible to rename the "primary" alias to something else at this point? I understand we would have the modify the alias/name in the SRM config in CM, but would there be other unknown issues that you are aware - or recommend against renaming altogether? We only have a handful of test topics we are replicating so far... so wanted to ask before we open the floodgates.  Thanks!




You can rename the alias, but you will have to do a cleanup of internal topics to avoid confusion.

It will be like a new replication (it wont work as a rename and re-initiate from the same point.)

Please refer to the below article for the same.

SME || Kafka | Schema Registry | SMM | SRM


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