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Send JSON response from HandleHTTPRequest processor

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I am modifying the standard *HandleHTTPRequest* Processor in NiFi to add Oauth2 authentication. The idea is to accept scopes and client_id as part of the processor setup and validate the incoming JWT token against these scopes and client_id.

i am trying to send a JSON Response when the scope or client_id is incorrect as below



String newContent = "{ \"message\" : \"Unauthorized\" }";



the request is hung and times out. Is this because HandleHttpRequest can't send the response back and I have to use HandleHTTPResponse processor to process the response?

The below code sends a HTML Response which I want to change to a proper JSON.






@Vamshi245  Yes,  HandleHttpRequest and HandleHttpResponse are used in tandem.  Behind the processors is a map cache which holds connection session between request/response processors.   If your flowfile (json) coming out of custom HandleHttpRequest is delivered to stock HandleHttpResponse, it will send the json to the original connecting client.


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