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Specifying multiple values in property dfs.cluster.administrators and dfs.permissions.superusergroup

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I have installed Ranger KMS on 6 node cluster. I am trying to create encryption zone now. For that i am following below mentioned link

In this link in step no 5 it is mentioned that add newly created group to dfs.permissions.superusergroup property in Ambari.

So i added it as hdfs,cdp in above mentioned property in Ambari and restarted HDFS. But i am not able to run

hdfs dfsadmin -report command using user name "mgr" in group "cdp". I wanted to check if we can put 2 different values for same property in Ambari?

Or do we need to keep only newly created group in dfs.permissions.superusergroup property? If yes then will removing hdfs have any implications? We have created few HDFS directories using hdfs user and there is data in those.

Or is there is way to provide both values as superuser?



Hello @rahul gulati,

It's not a good community practice to ask similar question mutliple times. I've provided answer in the comments here, please check.