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Split Objects inside File - Apache Nifi

New Contributor

Hello everyone, everything good?

So, I send mine website's clickstream events to Kinesis Data Stream, and Kinesis Firehose saves in a file without extension concatenating objects(events), for example:



I've already done all the pipeline to receive 1 Object and with JoltTransformJson I handle it,
in this case, how would I split the objects in this file? And is this the best approach in case of Performance?


I tried with Split Content with these configurations:



But the first object is coming out {obj1}{ and the rest of the objects are coming out obj2}{ obj3}{


Thank you guys!





one way to do it is to use the ReplaceText processor to add a line break after each object, and so having one line for each object in your FlowFile. To do so just replace "}{" by "} -linebreak- {".


Note that you have to escape brackets in your Search Value :


And that you have to use Shift+Enter in your Replacement Value to add the line break :



Then just use the SplitText processor with Line Count Split to 1 to split your input flow file into one flow file for each line.





Hope it helps 🙂