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Sqoop export from hive to maria db


Try DASH DASH for your arguments:



Also, best advice always try and search your errors for solutions: "sqoop Unrecognized argument: -hcatalog", "sqoop Unrecognized argument: -table"

I like to search here, stack, or google....


@Gayathri Devi

Can you share your complete sqoop command

Hi @Gayathri Devi
it seems you're trying to use

The argument value for this option is the HCatalog tablename. The presence of the --hcatalog-table option signifies that the import or export job is done using HCatalog tables, and it is a required option for HCatalog jobs.

But it looks like you have an accidental space between the -hcatalog and -table, resulting in a command syntax issue;

@Gayathri Devi
Perhaps this works, i haven't tried this myself yet as I don't currently have any lab setup using mariaDB.
Edit; This may also be helpful:
I've noticed now the --export-dir is also required;

sqoop export \
--connect "jdbc:mariadb://localhost/example" \
--username mariadb \
--password mariadb \
--table hivetable \
--export-dir /apps/hive/warehouse/hivetable

@Gayathri Devi
I've created a database in MariaDB and exported a hive table using sqoop on my lab setup.
This worked well for me;

[sqoop@jsneep-lab ~]$ sqoop export --connect jdbc:mysql:// --username mariadb --password mariadb --table exported --direct --export-dir /apps/hive/warehouse/drivers

Make sure you have /usr/share/java/mysql-connector-java.jar present on your system, this gave me trouble initially.