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String conversion of Date of 06JAN15 Impala CDP 7.1.7

New Contributor

What is the solution:

Field in format: 06JAN15

select cast("06JAN15" as Date Format 'DDMonthRR') from cdx_tmp limit 5;
Query: select cast("06JAN15" as Date Format 'DDMonthRR') from cdx_tmp limit 5
Query submitted at: 2022-10-26 18:34:54 /query_plan?query_id=9d4995eee47d02d8:83582f1400000000
ERROR: UDF ERROR: String to Date parse failed. Invalid string val: "06JAN15"


Expert Contributor

Hi @Emiller ! One thing I notice right away about the format string you're trying to use is that "month" works with a full month name rather than an abbreviation. That is, you have "JAN" in your source data, but the "month" format string would work with "January". 


I suspect you'll have more luck with something like "DDmonRR". I recommend consulting the documentation on date casts if you need additional help.

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Diana Torres,
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