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The health test result for HOST_SCM_HEALTH has become bad: This host is in contact with the Cloudera

New Contributor

I  have received continuous Health Bad alert in cloudera manager for all hosts. It showing, "Network Interface Speed Unknown" error and It suppressed automatically after 2 minutes and saying Health is Good.

I am getting this alerts every 1 hour interval. 


Also we already have the value of the 2 configuration parameters "Network Interface Expected Link Speed" as 1000 and "Network Interface Expected Duplex Mode" is Full.


I am in need the permanent fix on this issue.





This usually means that another adaptor is being picked up by the test. For me it was the loopback and it doesn't have a speed or mode, so the health test fails.

Use ethtool to examine your adaptors and find the one that doesn't have a speed. Add a regex to exclude it in Network Interface Collection Exclusion Regex under the Host configuration screen.

My regex for the loopback adaptor (lo) is ^lo$
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