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This alert is used to ensure that the Ranger Admin password in Ambari is correct.

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Getting Alert: amb_user_admin credentials in Ambari UI is not in sync with Ranger.

Where can I make them in Sync..


@Neeraj Sabharwal

I was getting same alert, ambari 2.2.0, hdp 2.3.4. I updated both passwords (admin and amb_user_admin), alert turned green after few minutes.


Neeraj, do you mean amb_ranger_admin ?

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@Neeraj Sabharwal

I made sure all the following account password is same:

Ambari account for admin / password

In the Advanced config of ranger service (screen shot)

Ranger Interface:  Admin: admin / password



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Even i faced the same problem while upgrading the HDP version.

I just logged into Ranger UI as admin user, and in the user section i reset the same password for "admin" and "amb_ranger_admin" users and restarted ranger service. This worked for me.