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Unable to download HDP Sandbox, Download fails and unable to resume. Provide torrent link.

New Contributor

I have been trying to download HDP Sandbox for last 1 month but not able to complete it up-to 100%. Its size is 20 GB and I have utilized more than 150 GB still not able to complete this 20 GB download as if fails after some times.

While every other providers provide torrent link for such huge file size I don't know why cloudera has not provided. 

And if you complain about my internet speed then FYI I tried downloading it from my Company network too. 


I am unable to digest that people at Cloudera can't think of this issue and provide some alternative way to download it. I tried searching for alternate way to download it but could not find it. 


Here is what you can do to solve this issue:

1. Provide a link that is resume-able.

2. Provide a Torrent link.



No Thanks for wasting my time and bandwidth.  





Apologies for the temporary unavailability of the HDP Sandbox. The problem appears to have been fully resolved prior to ‎01-17-2020 and the HDP Sandbox should be available to all for downloading. Let us know if you find that is not the case for you.





Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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