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Unable to start Hbase with error Connection failed: [Errno 111] Connection refused to master1:16000

New Contributor

Hbase is failing with below error .

 error Connection failed: [Errno 111] Connection refused to master1:16000


Expert Contributor

I assume you are seeing this error in the UI. Could you check the Hbase Master log to see why its down.

Super Collaborator

Hello @cprakash 


Let us know if you have fixed the ConnectionRefused Error to Master1 on Port 16000. As @rki_ mentioned, Review the HMaster Logs to confirm the reasoning for ConnectionRefused. Few possible scenarios being Port 16000 is being used by any other Service Or, "master1" isn't correctly being mapped as per DNS Or, Port 16000 may be blocked. Based on the HMaster Logs, We may offer further review. 


As such, If the Issue persists, Share the HMaster Logs covering the concerned Stacktrace as well. If the Issue has been resolved, We shall appreciate if you can share the details into the Cause & Fix applied. 


Regards, Smarak

Super Collaborator

Hi @cprakash 


Kindly review our Post on 06/21 & share your observation. If you have resolved the issue, Kindly share the Solution for our wider Community Members. 


Regards, Smarak

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