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Unable to start YARN Queue Manager Webapp and unable to insert data into tables by using hive

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Hi guys,

I have got several problems about Hive and YARN, and I have stucked on them for couple weeks. Please help me out if you can, THANKS.

1. I am unable to start YARN Queue Manager Webapp, it gives me a error says Failed to initialize cluster. Error: Internal error: One or more of the listed parameters is null - clusterId, emUrl, cmUrl, yarnServiceName,rmRoleConfigGroup, qmServiceName, qmRoleConfigGroup. I have no idea how and where to set all those parameters.

2. Another question is about Hive, I was using beeline to test if Hive is installed successfully or not. I could create databases and tables, but when I tried to insert values into tables, it gave me a error says Invalid configuration of tez jars, tez.lib.uris is not defined in the configuration,  I was super confused by it, because I didn't even install tez, I thought it will use Mapreduce as its excution engine. By the way, does anyone know where the real hive-site.xml is at? I want to change the excution engine, but I couldn't find the parameter on the CM's website.


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I am not sure about your versions, having said that MR execution engine is deprecated in the latest offerings.

If a legacy script or application specifies MapReduce for execution, an exception shall occur.


For the webapp issue as well; not sure about the versions.

It is worth checking whether you have a mismatched CM/CDP

For example CDP 7.1.8 requires CM 7.7.1

You can check the support matrix below:

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Hi @Tellyou6bu6 

Regarding your Q1 can you please share capacity-schedular.xml file from YARN for review?

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Hi @Tellyou6bu6 

Did you got chance to check capacity-schedular.xml file?