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Use NIFI REST API's using Python


I am seeing lot of curl commands to trigger the NIFI dataflow through REST API's. I would like to know if I can use Python to do similar triggers or curl is the only one recommended? If I can use python as well, can someone explain me how should I construct the headers and binary data and pass the object using Requests module. Thanks for the help.


Super Guru


There is a full Python client for NiFi, NiFi-Registry, and I'm just about to add the Schema-Registry as well.

It is community supported and comes with all the basic calls you would need to automate your NiFi flows, higher level functions for complex tasks like 'stop all processors in this process group and purge all the queues', and demos of various usage methods like tokenAuth security, promoting flow versions between environments, and deploying NiFi in Docker containers for testing.