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Username and Password for Resource Manager WebUI


Every time i try to use the Hadoop Resource Manager web interface ( i show up logged in as dr.who. My question, how can I login as another user? In this case i want to login as myself and have a higher lever of privileges than dr.who.

My Cluster is non kerberised.


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@ASIF Khan Hadoop’s Pseudo/Simple authentication can be used if the cluster is not kerberized. The user name must be specified in the first browser interaction using the query string parameter. e.g. http://rm-host:8088/cluster?


@Tarun Parimi

Still i am able to see all the jobs..if i could get popup for username and password for it would be great.

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Currently in hadoop only simple authentication and kerberos (SPNEGO) authentication is supported out of the box. So your requirement is not supported. Refer

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This is a great post Thanks for the information!

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@ASIF Khan

If the cluster is managed by Ambari, this should be added in Ambari > HDFS > Configurations>Advanced core-site > Add Property


Please let me know if that worked


Hey @Shelton 


I just apply Kerberos on my Cluster CDH 6.1.1 Version and now I am not able to access Web UI of Name Node and Resource Manager is their any solution for this.


Thank you so much

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There is this step below did you perform that?

Kerberos must be specified as the security mechanism for Hadoop infrastructure, starting with the HDFS service. Enable Cloudera Manager Server security for the cluster on an HDFS service. After you do so, the Cloudera Manager Server automatically enables Hadoop security on the MapReduce and YARN services associated with that HDFS service.

In the Cloudera Manager Admin Console:

Select Clusters > HDFS-n.
1.Click the Configuration tab.
2.Select HDFS-n for the Scope filter.
3.Select Security for the Category filter.
4.Scroll (or search) to find the Hadoop Secure Authentication property.
5.Click the Kerberos button to select Kerberos:


Please revert







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What is Simple Athentication here: http://rm-host:8088/cluster? not asking password. and RM UI should show only jobs belong to Asif. but both are not happening, How can I achieve these, can I check LDAP credentials with Simple Authentication?