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Virtualbox Sandbox does not start HDP 2.6

Expert Contributor

Hello @Jay Kumar SenSharmaI get the same issue please take a look on my current host configuration:

OS: Windows 10

VirtualBox 5.4.2

Ram 16gb

Hard DIsk 1TB

Besides the issue on the image downloaded that says Docker (I re-downloaded with the right MD5). My machine never startup , 30 minutes later and see how it looks.




@Andres Urrego @Julián Rodríguez

The "loading bar" seeming to hang is an issue with the current sandbox and will be fixed in a very near-future release. Underneath the covers, though, services are started/starting - even though that screen appears for a while.

Ty opening up a browser and navigating to: https://localhost:8080 (or SSH via the browser at localhost:4200). If these services load, then the sandbox is up and good to go - that loading screen is just hanging and should change a few minutes later.

Newer releases on the HDP sandbox won't have this issue, and the current HDF sandbox is free of this already.

Hope that helps!

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Guys thanks so much I'm already in, please I want also include this amazing tutorial with enough documentation to play with our sandbox. thanks so much @Julián Rodríguez @Edgar Orendain