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What are the steps for moving a zookeeper server?

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Many nodes and updates ago, when we first got started with Hadoop, we assigned one of our data nodes as a zookeeper server.

I would like to move that to an edge node.

Is there a document that outlines that steps to accomplish this? I'm on 2.2.8

Similarly, we need to move our ambari metrics server.




@Zack Riesland: I feel there is not a stright forward way to move zookeeper through ambari like any other service. But below link may help you to do it manually. I have not tested it but it may help you.



For zookeeper go to the individual host page, in host actions select move zk

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Thanks, @Artem Ervits.

Do we need to stop any services, etc?


honestly I don't remember but I have done it before. It should walk you through the steps as you click on the menu options. I believe it will stop but obviously try it out in dev cluster. It may take some services down itself. @Zack Riesland

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Actually, that isn't an option.

Under "Host Actions", my options are:

start all components

stop all components

restart all components

turn on main. mode

delete host

set rack

download client configs


@Zack Riesland is there a drop down next to the zookeeper service? If it isn't there, it must've been removed. I'll check on a cluster and report back in a bit.

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I figured it out. Had to go to services->zookeeper and follow the menus.

Any idea how to move the ambari metrics collector? I don't see any similar options.


I shared the link above on moving metrics service

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FYI - there's an extra space character in "- i" on both of the curl commands

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I know it's already closed, but just to want share the steps on how to transfer/add zookeeper to another hosts.

  1. Stop the Zookeeper server.
  2. Select Hosts on the Ambari dashboard, then select the host on which to install the new Zookeeper server.
  3. On the Summary page of the new Zookeeper host, select Add > Zookeeper Server and add the new Zookeeper server.
  4. Double check and update the following properties on the new Zookeeper server (use the existing Zookeeper server settings as a reference).
    • ha.zookeeper.quorum
    • hbase.zookeeper.quorum
    • templeton.zookeeper.hosts
    • yarn.resourcemanager.zk-address
    • hive.zookeeper.quorum
  5. Select Hosts on the Ambari dashboard, then select the original Zookeeper server host. Select Zookeeper > Service Actions > Delete Service to delete the original Zookeeper server.
  6. Save the HDFS namespace.
  7. Restart the new Zookeeper server and other services affected. (thanks to @jkuang


Hello @Michael Dennis "MD" Uanang

can you confirm that this worked on a 3-nodes Zookeeper install? I mean, I need to move my zk cluster from the original 3 hosts to other 3 hosts, will this work repeating 3 times the same procedure?

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