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What is the best approach for retrying a flow file once an hour for a 24 hour period?


I want to retry my flow file if it has some error for 24 hours , retry should will happen every hours . if the file is there in the flow for more then 24 hours it should be removed .

iam trying achieve same by using update attribute processors , routeOnAttribute processor and taking help of expression language . Still iam not able to achieve it.

these are the expression I am using to check elapsed time and received Time of flow file in routeOnAttribute  processor but its going to unmatched relation every time - 

these values are for testing pursose -

elapsed_time = ${now():toNumber():minus(${queuedtimestamp:toNumber()}):divide(60000):gt(10)}

receivedTime= ${now():toNumber():minus(${receivedTime:toDate("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss"):toNumber()}):gt(180000)}



NOTE: retryFlowFile processor in not available as my nifi version is old


Please suggest better approach to do so .