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What is the best way to shut down Hortonworks sandbox without corrupting it using virtualbox?


I learned the hard way that shutting down the hortonworks vm 2.4 sandbox using the virtual box "Power Off" seems to corrupt the VM. What is the best procedure for shutting down the VM gently?

Thanks, Heath


@Heath Yates

  1. Using Ambari, stop all the services.
  2. Then, in the sandbox via ssh, type "sudo init 0" or "sudo shutdown now"

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@Heath Yates

  1. Using Ambari, stop all the services.
  2. Then, in the sandbox via ssh, type "sudo init 0" or "sudo shutdown now"


Thanks. This is in the right direction. Do you have a link or instructions on where I can shutdown all the services in Ambari please?


I had to log in as admin on Ambari. If there is a simple one click way to shutdown all the services. Please let me know or command line. Thanks! 🙂

Yes, when I said "using Ambari", I was referring to the web interface. I apologize for not being more clear.

I'm not aware of a way to stop all services from the command line using as a single command. However, you can use the Ambari API to shutdown services individually. Unfortunately, you have to call the shutdown command for each service.

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Running HDP 2.5

For 1. I used @Jasper approach

For 2. I was unable to use

[root@sandbox ~]# sudo shutdown now
Broadcast message from
        (/dev/pts/0) at 20:39 ...
The system is going down for maintenance NOW!
shutdown: Unable to shutdown system


[root@sandbox ~]# sudo init 0
init: Failed to connect to socket /com/ubuntu/upstart: Connection refused

but Close > "Send the shutdown signal" worked gracefully (as far as I can tell after restarting).

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Running HDP sandbox 2.6.1 on VMware.

Can't execute the shutdown commands for the docker in Step 2 via SSH, with the same error messages that @Bob Heckel is getting.

The VMware Player window is useless, since it's interacting with the host VM, not with the hosted docker container for the sandbox.

Now my sandbox appears to be corrupted again, the host VM startup process is getting stuck on starting up the docker.

I am sure there was an architectural justification to migrate to using VM + docker vs. just VM, but it's not working out very well for users.

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I should have mentioned I was using VirtualBox v5.1.14

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@Heath Yates I suggest you suspend the VM instead. it saves the state to disk. Works great. Been using that method for many years.


I used to use VMWare and switched to virtualbox. By suspending, I assume you mean pausing. Yes?

Yes, pausing and suspending are the same thing.

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yup @Michael Rife is right. His answer to your question is correct as well. I just offered a alternate solution without going through hassle of shutting down services.

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@Heath Yates

If you still wanted to shut down VirtualBox or any other VM player for that matter, there is an easy way to shut down all HDP services gracefully:

1. In Ambari goto > Hosts (http://<your_IP>:8080/#/main/hosts)

2. Select the 'Sandbox' by checking the 1 and only host in the list

3. On Actions > Filtered Hosts > Hosts > Stop all Components


This works for the Sandbox since all is concentrated on 1 server. It saves you the time to go over all services...

(Restarting all components this way is somewhat more complex since the sequence of restarting does take services dependencies into account. Generally it is a good idea to start HDFS first)

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