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What the correct way to connect to HBase user admin? I think changing shell from /bin/false to another is not good practice.


[root@scaj43bda05 1238-hbase-MASTER]# cat /etc/passwd | grep hbase


[root@scaj43bda05 1238-hbase-MASTER]# vi /etc/passwd
[root@scaj43bda05 1238-hbase-MASTER]# sudo su hbase -l
[hbase@scaj43bda05 ~]$ cat /etc/passwd | grep hbase
[hbase@scaj43bda05 ~]$


Should we change it to /bin/bash






hbase user is the admin user of hbase one connects to a running instance of HBase using the hbase shell command, located in the bin/ directory of your HBase install. Here the version information that is printed when you start HBase Shell has been omitted. The HBase Shell prompt ends with a > character.

As hbase user

$ ./bin/hbase shell

All the below methods will give you access to the HBase shell as the admin user [hbase]

If you have root access

# su - hbase
It will give you the same above

If you have sudo privileges

# sudo su hbase -l

I don't see the reason for changing to bash or didn't I understand your question well?

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