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Why Won't Impala Support The Date Data Type?

Considering that Hive is more mature than Impala and many of your customers(including me) are most likely considering switching from Hive to Impala, wouldn't it make sense for you to support this interoperability?

We have over 7000 tables in our data lake, so just coming back with "well you'll just have to convert those tables to use strings or timestamps instead" is not solution that works for us.

Your sales force and product managers are pushing Impala as a solution to Fast BI and Analytics needs.

With this hurdle in place, it's pretty much a non-starter. Folks will just continue to pump their data into a traditional database for BI and Analytics.

With 3.0 just released, how in the world do you not support the DATE data type?


It's on our roadmap - we're definitely aware of the gap and want to close it.

Thank you for the response.

Any idea on roadmap dates or targeted quarters?


why impala does not support date type????? i hate you 

The good news is that is that we shipped date support in Impala in CDP.

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