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Zeppelin + SparkR


does zeppelin support SparkR interpreter?


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ok here is the latest, The R Interpreter for Zeppelin has not been merged yet with the latest Zeppelin dist. however you can use it now from here All the Best 🙂

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As far as I understood this R interpreter PR is not sharing same SparkContext yet. I've already created a notebook that declares a function in Scala, another in Python and use SQL interpreter to call both functions in a single statement along with a custom java hive-udf. If we could add a function in R, it would be really nice.

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Zeppelin since version 0.6, has provided support for R Interpreter. By default, the R Interpreter appears as two Zeppelin Interpreters, %r and %knitr. To run Zeppelin with the R Interpreter, some environment variables must be set:

  • R (3.0+)
  • JAVA_HOME (Oracle JDK 1.7+)
  • SPARK_HOME (The best way to do this is by editing conf/ If it is not set, the R Interpreter will not be able to interface with Spark.You should also copy conf/zeppelin-site.xml.template to conf/zeppelin-site.xml. That will ensure that Zeppelin sees the R Interpreter the first time it starts up.)

Then, clone the Zeppelin repository and build it with options:

>git clone 

# enable the "r" and "sparkr" profile 
>mvn clean install -e -DskipTests -Dspark.version={spark_version} -Dhadoop.version={hadoop_version} -Pr -Psparkr -Pvendor-repo -Pexamples -Drat.skip=true -Dcheckstyle.skip=true -Dcobertura.skip=true 

And next, install SparkR package. In Spark 1.6 or earlier, the SparkR need to manually install.


Now, you can starting Apache Zeppelin with command line:

>bin/ start  -e

After successful start, visit http://localhost:8080 with your web browser. And you can execute commands as in the CLI.


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What is the R environment variable that needs setup?